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April 16, 2010

WOW FUCK YOU INTERNET. YOU JUST FUCKED MY POST UP. i dont even feel like typing shit out.  a little irritated now.  so imma post this up a different style than i usually do.

– bestbuy to invest in a much needed camera bag

– brians for a house party, he got rid of 3 shitbox cars. fucking amazing, made fun of sciroccos, got jamba juice, made brians little brothers friend do a pussy ass burnout. he tried anyways..

– picked up claire beezy and her “goldmember”

– met up with brian, chris and joe at the park

– brian left us to go to someones birthday dinner we werent invited to

– while he dealt with the awkwardness me, dave, irene, claire and chris went downtown

– brian met back up. rode our bikes to plum blossom.

– met up with rob at starbucks

– rode the parking garage again. did some falling/ got hurt. etc.

– mobbed it back to old sac, seen a car accident, mashed through the mall, i whipped it out on the wet concrete and got hella angle. i did some kawabata shit and almost spun.


– the end. 

– now youre going to look at some shitty pictures.

*edit* and a song for the night. lol

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