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Now this is BEAST!

August 9, 2010

New Helmet Allows Fighter Pilot to See Through The Jet!

Hey there bad guy! Yes that is a BEAST behind you about to blow your shit up! This new helmet is designed to give fighter pilots a better look at their surroundings.

Within the tinted faceplate are two projectors which sync up with plane-mounted cameras and display images from the outside for the pilot to view. Essentially, this enables the operator to view high-resolution images (yes, even at night) of areas previously imperceptible without a warplane constructed entirely of plexiglass, and onboard sensors make sure that the imagery reflects exactly where the pilot is looking at any given moment.

Special sensors inside the cockpit track the movement of the helmet, so that when the pilot turns his head his view of the skies or ground outside changes accordingly.

When he looks down he sees not his own feet on the cockpit floor but the ground below, slipping past at hundreds of miles per hour.

F-35 Joint Strike Fighter Jet Equip with Cameras attached to the outside giving pilots all-round vision.


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