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So What Does This Mean?

August 9, 2010

Man…. the iPhone 4 is looking more delicious to me every day. The phone i have now was once breath taking turned shit box, i swear im not getting any signal and text messages are comming hours late really pissing me off and im sure you guys (my close friends) are probly like “ok so maybe he doenst like me anymore” lol. This is one of the reasons why i am thinking about jumping ship and getting the much desired iPhone 4. HTC cant even make the EVO fast enough let alone have more than enough in stock yet and at this point im not even sure i want that phone anymore. Sure my bill is next to nothing but i need a cool phone! Since i cant have this cool phone yet then i might just go and get that cooler phone!  im just not sure if im ready for a $110.00 AT&T bill :/ (RANT)

Now downt to the nitty gritty..

iPhone.. great phone

iPhone 4.. stepped their game up

Camera’s on the front and rear of the iPhone.. pretty dam awesome!

DSLR attachment for your iPhone.. WTFCUK?

Yea you herd me WTFCUK! yea,yea.. i know “i could make that” i honestly could with the help of some friends…BUT I WONT! and why should i when a company has made one to perfectly fit your iPhone. What im Talking about is the iPhoneDSLR, this funky little add on to your iPhone 3G,3GS & 4G made by some dude with a vison caught the attn of everyone out there in the cyberworld over night. check out the pics.


The mount currently fits only Canon EF lenses. Eventually, with the right adaptors, It should be able to fit Canon FD lenses, Nikon lenses, and M42 lenses.

The housing is a solid piece of anodized billet aluminum. It weigths about 1.1 lbs, has two handle grips, and 4 x 1/4″-20 female threaded mounting holes so you can actually screw this thing into a standard tripod. The housing can fit any iPhone 3G, iPhone 3GS, or iPhone 4.

Now here is a video of the kind of possibilities that can be made with this device.

So what does this mean? Does this mean i dont have to get a camera, that i could just get this iPhone and in the future this iPhoneDSLR add on and call it a day? with my current phone problems and wanting to get a camera just to mess around with every now and then i think this may be the only logical solution…maybe AT&T wont be the only option with words from APPLE like “as these exclusivity arrangements end.”  While the iPhone isn’t mentioned by name, it’s hard to imagine sentences like “We believe offering a wide variety of handsets reduces dependence on any single handset” could refer to anything else but i wouldnt hold my breath just yet….

more info here

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